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Like many churches throughout the country, All Saints' has its own magazine which contains news and
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This is the September letter from our Vicar - Rev Andy Reid

We  will  be  celebrating  Harvest on 26th September, focusing on thanking God for his generous provision for us.   Traditionally  the  focus  has  been  on  food and agriculture, a throw-back to when the majority of the people in our nation worked in farming.  Our nation has changed, and so, for a few years now I’ve been brewing the idea that we need to switch our focus onto the fruits of our labours today! 

So  less of a focus on agriculture and more on the businesses and employment that the people of New Haw are involved in.  Few of us are involved in the production of fruit and vegetables and the farming of animals these days, but we all still produce some kind of harvest from the work that we do and so we want to celebrate that this year.

God cares about the ‘fruit’ that we produce.  He cares that we put our hands to work that is productive, healthy and good.  So as a church, we began turning our focus in our prayers towards our community – the businesses, schools, organisations, families and individuals – and have begun to pray that God will bless our community.  We want to see God bless each and every individual.  This seems a fitting way to approach Harvest when we are going to focus on thanking God for the ‘harvest’ we have seen.

If you’d like to join us in praying blessing on our community, then we’ve written a prayer of Blessing for New Haw.  We’ve included it on Page 24 of this edition of the Parish Magazine, and will continue to publish it in the magazine for the foreseeable future.  We’d love you to join us in praying that God will bless our community using that prayer.

The Staff team at All Saints’ have been reading a book called ‘The Grace Outpouring’ by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts.  It tells the story of a retreat centre in Flald-y-Brenin in Wales where they began praying that God would bless their local community. Roy Godwin writes, “Before long  we  began  to  see  the  fruit of these prayers in quite miraculous ways.” If you want to hear more about how God blessed that community, why not buy the book and read it for yourself!

I pray that each of you, our readers will know God’s blessing on your lives in this, and coming months.

God Bless you,

Rev Andy K Reid

From Tuesday 8th September, Claire's Cafe will be open again every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10.00 to 12.15 with social distancing.  Everyone welcome - come and chat while donating to Church Funds.   Please note new opening time of 10.00am

Donations are welcome by card or cash.  In the case of cash, due to Covid-19 safety concerns, no change can be given.    

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